The Hermanus and Overberg CVC

Reaching Hundreds of Disadvantaged Families

February 2016

The Hermanus and Overberg Community Veterinary Clinic is situated at Hermanus Animal Hospital in Hermanus. For the past two years we have been fortunate to be able to assist our lower income communities with quality veterinary care. Thanks to generous donations, fundraising projects and the vets from Hermanus Animal Hospital giving their time and services, we vaccinate, sterilise and treat the pets of hundreds of underprivileged families. Through word of mouth, owners brought 134 animals to be sterilised and 362 to be vaccinated throughout  2015.  

We also work with Rescue Animal Drive (RAD), a local animal welfare organisation. RAD obtains consent from pet owners to collect their animals from their homes and bring them to us for sterilisation or treatment if they are ill. We also go with them to vaccinate animals at their homes and do follow-­‐up treatments where necessary. Through this combined effort, we have sterilised and vaccinated about another 394 dogs and cats in 2015.   

In September 2015, ABSA Bank kindly sponsored a stall for us in their building at the Mega Agri week in Bredasdorp. We handed out booklets and brochures concerning the raising and keeping of pets, and took the opportunity to make people aware of what we do and why it is important. We are looking forward to every new opportunity to help, and are sincerely grateful to First National Bank for their generous donation which enables us to continue making a difference in this new year.    

We hope to reach and educate more and more people and to be there for their pets.    

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